7 Must-Haves for Your Professional Photographer Website

A website is a necessity for every kind of business these days. If you don’t have an online presence, clients won’t find you.

Photographers make no exception. Compared to other professionals they can actually get extra value from having an online presence. A website provides the perfect tool to showcase their portfolio of previous works.

Here a few things to consider when planning to implement a photography portfolio website.


Choose your domain name

The first step in building your portfolio website is deciding your domain name. A domain is the URL you will be sharing with your clients to have them visit your website.

Domain names should be without hyphens, abbreviations and numbers, short, easy to remember and a top-level domain, such as .com. If you have to get too creative in a domain name or if you have to go too far from your original idea, you might want to move down your list of business name possibilities to the next name if there is a better domain name available.

Your domain name could be your given name or a company name. This choice will determine all your branding strategy, as you will decide if presenting yourself as an individual or as a company.

Check if your domain is still available:


Introduce yourself

Clients Choose People Not Companies. They want to know who they are going to deal with. They need to feel an emotional connection with the person they are going to hire.

That’s why an About Page is an essential element of your portfolio. It is a great chance to make a good first impression!

You don’t need to write a biography, but sharing your professional story and some of your interests outside photography.

7 Must-Haves for Your Professional Photographer Website

Miwa Theresa


Showcase your work

Select your best work, limit the images to showcase to your best pieces. They should be a representation of the type of work you want to be hired for. So keep in mind your target audience when selecting the pieces.

For the Portfolio Page, you can experiment with different designs and styles, but the common factor will always be having the photos themselves as the undisputed protagonist.

7 Must-Haves for Your Professional Photographer Website

Lisa Bettany

7 Must-Haves for Your Professional Photographer Website


For a photographer’s website, photos are the main attraction. They need to be displayed in a prominent way and with the highest possible quality.


Get hired

The main goal of a portfolio website is to be contacted by potential customers. That’s why we should make it as easy as possible for them to get in touch. The Contact Page is where a website visitor is expecting to find a contact form and all the information needed to reach you.

7 Must-Haves for Your Professional Photographer Website

Hoover Tung


Connect your social accounts

A link to the social media profiles is a must for every field but for the creative ones, it’s even more crucial. Social media platforms provide new channels to spread your personal or company brand and your work. They drive traffic to your portfolio website and allow you to create a dialogue with your audience and curate your customer loyalty.


Write a blog

Having a blog will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website ranking significantly. It will also be a way to have your potential clients getting to know you better and to share valuable content with them. You can share technical tips or interesting projects you worked on. In time you will position yourself as an authority in your field and will increase the potential clients’ trust in you and your brand.


Keep it updated

One of the most common mistakes to avoid is to forget about your portfolio website once it goes live.

Keep your website updated with your latest work and projects. It is the focal point of your online presence and the main tool to build up your personal or company brand awareness.

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